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Infusion Services

Pain Management

Chronic pain is an epidemic that more than 56 million Americans experience. In fact, pain is the most common symptom people report when seeking medical attention. Nearly half of all physician visits are related to...

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Support for Diabetic Patients

A diagnosis of Type I or Type II diabetes is a serious, life-altering event for anyone. According to the American Diabetes Association, 1.9 million Americans are newly diagnosed each year, while millions more...

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Scar Therapy: Science and Nature Help Heal Skin

CustomScript Pharmacy’s scar gels utilize various unique active ingredients formulated into PracaSil-Plus®, a distinctive and elegant topical anhydrous silicone base with potential healing, soothing, emollient and...

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Nutraceuticals are over-the-counter nutritional supplements that demonstrate physiological benefits. Some are even helpful in the protection against chronic disease. CustomScript Pharmacy recognizes their benefits...

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NasoNeb Nasal Nebulizers

Custom Script Pharmacy is the only pharmacy in the region currently offering the revolutionary intranasal drug delivery system, the NasoNeb Nasal Nebulizer. NasoNeb-delivered pharmaceutical therapy has...

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